Gauthier Giacomoni at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


Gauthier (goh-T'YAY) Giacomoni (jee-ah-koh-MOH'-nee) has been passionate about radio since his undergraduate days at WQMC, CUNY Queens College's student run station.  With an eagerness for news and story telling, Gauthier cultivated his reporting skills as a graduate student at Boston University.

Gauthier finds audio narratives most compelling. When he’s not handling breaking news, he produces long form stories. His favorite programs are: 99% Invisible and Radiolab..

Gauthier is a dual American and French citizen who speaks English, French, and Italian.


Concert sound today bears little resemblance to the early days of Rock N Roll -- when acts like Chuck Berry and The Beatles swept the young hearts of the nation. The quality enhancement is due in large part to one band's drive and innovation. CBS News Correspondent Jim Chenevey reports on how the Grateful Dead paved the way for modern concert sound.