Setting up an e-mail forward for Lotus Notes webmail

Log in to your Lotus Notes e-mail account through their web interface. For this example, we'll use a Queens College's e-mail address (

Then click on "Tools" (located in the menu on the left).

Then Click on "Rules."

Then click on "New Rule" (located in the header).

The following form will show up.

Enter the rule name where it prompts you to do so ("forward" seems like an appropriate one).


  • The first drop down menu should say "sender".  Click on it, and select "To."
  • The second drop down menu should say "contains." Leave that one as is.
  • The third field is blank. In it, enter your Lotus Notes e-mail address (in this case, the one ending in


  • The first drop down menu should say "move to folder." Click on it, and select "send copy to."
  • The second field is blank. In it, enter the e-mail address you want the e-mails you receive in your Lotus Notes account (in this case the address) to be forwarded to.

Click on "Save & Close" (located in the header).

Then, enjoy the convenience of not having to log in to Lotus Notes to check your e-mails.

If you use gmail you can also set up your e-mail options to enable you to send e-mails so that the recipient sees it as if they had been sent from your Lotus Notes accounts (or address) even though you sent it from your gmail account.